"Nankhatai: A Culinary Journey from Surat's Streets to Seewans' Treats"

Welcome to the world of flavors, where every bite of Nankhatai is a journey from Surat's streets to the delightful offerings of Seewans! Picture this - a Dutch couple sets up a bakery in Surat during the 16th century, catering to the local Dutch residents heavily involved in the spice trade. As the Dutch bid farewell to India, the bakery is passed on to Iranians, who master the art of Nankhatai. Amul Bakery, now under the brand Seewans, has been carrying forward this flavorful tradition for over five decades.
Seewans takes pride in offering a range of Nankhatais that encapsulate the essence of Surat's culinary heritage. From the traditional 'Original Surti Nankhatai' to the rich and aromatic 'Pure Desi Ghee Nankhatai,' each variant is crafted to perfection. The product line extends to 'Til-Coconut Nankhatai,' 'Real Chocolate Nankhatai,' 'Coconut Almond Nankhatai,' and the timeless favorite, 'Besan Nankhatai.' These flavors are a testament to Seewans' dedication to preserving the authentic taste of this cherished treat.
In the ever-evolving landscape of culinary delights, Seewans' Nankhatais act as a bridge between generations. From traditional to contemporary flavors, each bite is a nostalgic journey through time. Made with cardamom, elaichi, and organic ingredients, these handmade treats contain no preservatives, ensuring the taste remains as pure and delightful as it was in the days of 'Amul Bakery.'
So, whether you're a Surati at heart or just someone looking to explore the rich flavors of Gujarat, Seewans' Nankhatais invites you to indulge in the magic of tradition and taste. If you haven't savored a Seewans Nankhatai, you're yet to experience the true essence of this timeless treat. Let each bite be a dance on your taste buds and a celebration of Surat's culinary heritage.


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