Chilly Butter Toast

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Size: 200g

Unleash your taste buds with "Seewans" brand's Chilly Butter Rusk, a tantalizing blend of crispy and crunchy perfection. Each rusk is expertly toasted to achieve a satisfying crunch, while the bold flavors of oregano chili and real butter combine to create an irresistible taste sensation. With every bite, you'll experience a harmonious contrast of textures and a delightful explosion of spicy and savory notes. "Seewans" Chilly Butter Rusks are the ultimate snack for those who crave a fiery kick and buttery richness in every delicious mouthful.

Customer Reviews

Ajay shah

Good as always

This bakery is a slice of heaven. All the Biscuits and cookies are beautiful and delicious, and the Namkeens is fantastic.

Meena Patel

Must try!

They are very famous for their bakery products especially the biscuits and toast. Their products are bit costly but they are always fresh and mouth-watering. One can always find pure items over here. Their service is also very good.


Awesome Taste

Ordered via Reference by a friend from Surat and really worth it. especially Pure ghee Nankhatai which i tried the very first time & that was a real hack!
Thank you!

Priyanks Gupta

Need more options for Diet

Delicious bakery and Namkeen items but have very limited items for diet one which can be increased. rest all i'm enjoying your Khakkhara and Wheat and Multigrain Rusk :) they are unbeatable for sure.

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